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My name is Rob Cale 1 and I met Ron Evans in 1982 in his record shop. At that time I was a student at Starnberg High School and had a holiday job in the neighbouring radio-television shop. Both shops were in the same premises, so one helped the other partner with the activities. Ron and I shared the same musical interests and we were both keen windsurfers.

We went on trips together with our surfboards to Lake Garda or Denmark in the 1980s. I accompanied Ron to the record wholesaler in Munich, attended concerts of the band Redhouse in Munich and small clubs in the Starnberg area, stuck posters for the next concerts in the evening and took photos in the practice room from time to time.

In 2006 I left Bavaria for northern Germany, but was still there with my cameras whenever possible for Ron Evans Group gigs all over Germany, taking photos, writing concert reviews, being in contact with music magazines, record companies and printers when it came to photos for editorial articles, advertising in magazines, CD productions or posters.

It was always something special to be able to accompany Ron and the musicians of the band for an evening or even small tours. We also met again and again in Hanover 2 , as Ron comes from the region and has relatives here. The time we spent together was also always used for photos.

Smartphone selfie after a photo shoot at my studio in Hanover in September 2019.

Since the Corona drama and the collapse of the live music culture, we have seen less of each other, but we have talked more often and for a long time on the phone. Ron had been in poor health since 2022 and I was informed about his prospects for recovery. But then, after an interim high, the worst fears came true.

Over time, a close friendship developed that was to last over 4 decades. Looking back, I can say today that I lost my best friend. There is a big gap in my life, and every time I listen to his music, I realise that. Ron was not only a good buddy, but also always like a big brother or a fatherly friend. But I am also grateful for the long time of friendship.

I had also been supporting Ron with his website for some time and we had discussed that I would keep the memory of him and his music alive when the time would come. So here I am stepping up with this site, which will slowly but steadily be filled with content 3 . I will also include Ron's Facebook pages, they were always close to his heart as a medium 4 .

And of course I am in contact with the musicians of his Ron Evans Group and other friends as well as the family, and I hope to be able to add more episodes from other perspectives here.

Ron, see you again sometime and somewhere. Rock on!

  1. I have been using this artist name for photography projects since 2016 - it is composed of my real name elements Robert Carsten Lemm. Ron has always encouraged me to use this name. 

  2. I live alternately in North Frisia and the Hannover region. 

  3. The executor of the estate has very hastily shut down Ron's websites, the artists' legacy is also unclear. I am trying to ensure that nothing is lost. Ron was still working on various projects. 

  4. I had left social media a few years ago and only returned very selectively in early 2023. 

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